Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Dragon Wife

In some universes, a man can get away with marrying a dragon.  Especially if the dragon who marries them marries them according to the laws of dragonkind and humankind. 

Here is such a pair.  She's usually in human form while among humans, but sometimes, she takes her draconic form.  They were married by dragons and humans, although the priest who married them thought he was marrying a man and a true woman together.

Here they are without the background.  This would most likely appear on a T-shirt, or a coaster.

Morph details: The man is Hiro.  His dragon wife is a hybrid of Aiko 4 and the Girl.  Her body is 10% Victoria, 60% the Girl, and 3% Aiko.

Hiro and Michael 4: DAZ 3D
Elite Jeremy Texture: DAZ 3D
Quain Hair -- AprilYsh
Lord of Battles -  Valandar
The Girl 4 - DAZ 3D
Aiko 4 - DAZ 3D
Victoria 4 - DAZ 3D
Aiko 4 Realistic Textures isa - mutedbanshee (DAZ 3D), diffusion skin by myself.
Eweyai -- Bobbie25 (DAZ 3D)
Garden Escape Arbor -- ArtCollaborations (DAZ 3D)
DMR Kay -- Danie, Marforno, and Rhiannon (DAZ store)
Vamp Syndori -- Vexiphine and Adiene (RMP)
Walking Couples poses - wenke (RMP)
Forest Cyclorama -- DAZ 3D

(if I am going to participate in Free Culture, I need to make sure everyone gets credit.)

Here she is in her dragon form. ;)


Clovis Cithog said...

dragons and humans, maybe

how about

dragons and donkeys?

Elton said...


Dragons and donkeys . . . That's so absurd it could work. Wait a minute, it does . . . .:D


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