Monday, March 2, 2009

4e Classic Play

Clark Peterson over at Necromancer Games is trying to make 4e feel better for us who enjoy our D&D in certain recipes. What he is doing is taking out the heart of 4e as it is now, and transplanting it with the heart of AD&D or OD&D.

Although I said my piece on the forums, I think the idea is good and sound. For me, I want to play a 4e game where it's gritty and the danger is real. Heroism comes from with in, and unless you are playing Superheroes with the conviction that someone has got to save the world, I'd rather play 4e with combat where it's scary (combat should be deadly and lethal).

When I chimed in, Clark said that 4e isn't really for me, and yeah he's right. But when, or if, I DM 4e I'd like to DM a game I'd be more comfortable DMing. And Clark is going to attempt that. Pop on over to the Necromancer Games' forum and take a look at what he's doing and say hi!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If anyone can do it, Clark & Co can. I suspect this announcement has been waiting in the wings for the revised GSL to be released.

Good times.

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