Friday, March 27, 2009

Religion in the Known Lands, Pt 4

The last post dealing with Religion in the Known Lands, I promise! This post deals with other religions that are prominent. Religions include: The Voice of the Night (or the Shadow), the Path of Light, the Path of Inspiration, Demonatry and Devilatry, and Satanism/Luciferism.

The Voice of the Night

The Voice of the Night is the opposing religion to the Holy Light although it is wrapped up into it's church hierarchy. Also called The Path of the Shadow, the religion is disorganized and worships the way of the night. Worshipers of the Voice of the Night are often called shadow priests, rogues, and the religion is associated with scum and villany.

Worshippers of the Voice of the Night swear that they hear it's whispers. Others do not, and often their inspiration has created several sects and movements in the Church of the Holy Light. For instance, some are actually zealous. Others have created inquisitions, and others enforce the ideals of the Holy Light seeking power and influence over others.

Game Rules
Actual clerics who hear the Voice of the Night gain access to the Knowledge, Destruction, Law, Trickery, and War domains.

The Path of Light

Religion among the Kalashtar. The Path of Light is typically called a Philosophic Religion, as its adherents do not believe in a Supreme Being as we understand the word. Called Il-Yannah, the Kalashtar seek a turning of the age in the Dream World from a nightmare to a dream of light and goodness. The religion is recounted in the Eberron Campaign Setting (for 3rd Edition, currently) and Races of Eberron.

A few clerics of the Path of Light gain access to the domains of Law, Meditation, and Protection.

The Path of Inspiration

The Path of Inspiration is a religion among the people controlled by the Inspired, the beings that oppose the Kalashtar. The religion is created a tool to manipulate the masses, but it isn't evil. Also seen as a Philosophic Religon, it's adherents do believe in a Supreme Being. This is generally not known. Clerics who ascribe to the Path of Inspiration gain access to the Community, Law, and Meditation domains. The religion itself is recounted in Secrets of Sarlona.

Demonatry and Devilatry

Worship of Demons and Devils. The religion is in direct opposition to the many forms of Christianity and any religion that professes to be good. The people worship in demon and devil cults, and draw power from pacts made with demons. The cults have a lot in common with the Cults of the Dragon Below in Eberron and the Burning Legion cults in World of Warcraft. Although Warlocks (both WoW and D&D Warlocks) are associated with Demonatry and Devilatry, clerics of such mad cults commonly choose their domains from Destruction, Evil, Madness, and Trickery.


Truly a religion of evil, if there ever was one. Satanists do everything BACKWARD to achieve prosperity. Not a truly malific cult, Satanists seek to destroy faith, challenge people, achieve domination; everything backward. Satanism is in direct opposition to Christianity itself and is typically anti-christ. Satanic priests gain their domains from Evil, Knowledge, and Trickery.


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