Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dealing with Erotic Art

It's time to talk about something that hits so many buttons. Erotic Art, the Art of Love. Many people create art dealing with Eros, and many people demonize it because everything from the most sublime and the most beautiful of expressions to the most debased pornography falls under its category. But what is Eros? Eros is simply the Greek word for Love. At one time, Eros meant true, absolute love in its purest form -- the total acceptance of anyone and the feeling of a deeply powerful connection to a person.

In our culture, eros has become defined as the love we share when we hit the sack with somebody. Eros is fun love in our culture, its no longer defined as a powerful feeling of being connected to someone. That's why cupid, the anthropormorphic manifestation of love, is depicted as a pre-pubescent or pubescent boy with wings. Love has been trivialized in our culture.

Erotic art is a subject that steps on many toes. Many people feel that the act of sharing Eros with another human being is too sacred to be shared in Art. Other people don't care, and exploit the need to see it for gain. Often, in our Victorian/Puritanical culture of the United States, when someone is presented with Erotic art, they are shocked! "Pornography" is the first word that creeps into their minds.

It is for this shock, this rush of adrenaline and the awakening of the sex drive, that most erotic art is packaged and exploited in the name of greed. Why something so pure, and so wonderful be so exploited? How can something that depicts the basic joy of being united with one person be used for evil? The purpose of satisfying one's greed and one's need for money?

I have seen all kinds of erotic art (to my shame, I must confess for much of it). From the powerfully beautiful in both Hetero-erotic and Homoerotic art, to the most debased and monstrous thing you can possibly imagine. I can imagine people creating terrible monstrosities. It's the nature of the universe. People create what they desire, it's part of the purpose of Life to explode in every single direction.

Powerful truths can be seen in it, from the depiction of an orgasm to the happiness of being joined with a person, to the pain and infliction of an art piece depicting BDSM. Some of it is sick and violent not truely erotic at all. But it's classified as erotic art because it happens to make some person out there have his hormones rage (such as BDSM, Violence is an awful thing). So, why is Erotic Art demonized? Why is it hailed as the destructive force of our civilization?

Probably because it's our fault to begin with. I don't know where this obsession to limit or stop procreation comes from, but it's definitely the root of the problem. We have to protect kids and ourselves from the depiction of Eros being enjoyed. We label all such art as Pornography and demand people to avoid it at all costs, as if it were a plague.

People create anti-pornography organizations and do war and fight against Pornography as if they are on a moral crusade to save us from ourselves. The terrible thing about this is, no one understands the true principles of how to defeat pornography. Or no one seems too.

As a DAZ Studio artist, I have created erotic art. Some of it I have destroyed, erasing evidence that I am also capable of creating monstrosities. The temptation, or the drive, to create Erotic Art is really overwhelming sometimes -- sometimes I bend to peer pressure. However, being forced to display the best of the erotic art that I have created with DAZ Studio on Renderotica -- a site that contains much violence -- is really stupid!

As an artist, I strive to create art that reflects the beliefs I have about the body, and about life in general. This includes the depiction of sex at certain times, because I believe sexual union is a joy that is due to all human beings in its own time and season (ironic, though, that I'm an unmarried virgin). My beliefs will come out in my art. It's inevitable, I'm sure. But to display such sublime and beauty on a site that promotes violence is really the pits. However, it's the only place where I can post my creations without censure.

I really do believe that Erotic Art should be about love, joy, and union. The joining of man to woman (or the opposite). The rush of positive energy, the feelings of true love, and true power. This sort of Art should be celebrated. But our culture has thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Any such art I create -- even to show how divine sex really is -- and I put on this blog will label my blog as adult. How fair Life is.

That being said, I know the consequences of displaying erotic art on my blog, and they are unwanted.

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