Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reorganizing the Player's Handbook

In the unlikely event that I will purchase a Player's Handbook for 4th Edition, I wonder if it would be smart to break the binding of the book and to reorganize it into a logical fashion. Although I don't agree with the current Player Paranoia that grips WotC at this time (just look at the GSL); Uncle Bear has some good reasons to try it. And Greywulf tried 4e old style.

Here are the reasons why I don't have 4e yet:
a). my priorities have changed. I am unmarried, 34 year old virgin and it's about time I take care of that in my life.
b). Wizards of the Coast changed from a happy, fun loving company to one that fears it's customers (points to the GSL).
c). My gaming group isn't fond of it.

Largely, if I do get it I will have to break the binding on the pages and reorganize them so that it will be easily organized. It would be easier to get the PDF and probably redo the book that way. But I don't want to spend $40 twice.


Anonymous said...

Yeh. I'm not a fan of the new PHB layout - in fact, I absolutely hated it - but it's slowly grown on me. It's not the most well-written of the three core books (the DMG is, simply, a work of genius) but it's usable enough. It would seriously benefit from a decent index, glossary and at least twice the number of Rituals but..... it does the job reasonably well.

The thing is that 4e IS a brilliant system despite the layout shortcomings of the PHB.

Elton said...

Well, like I said my gaming group isn't fond of it.

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