Saturday, March 14, 2009

Elves in the Known Lands

Elves in the Known Lands come in five different varieties:

1. First, there are the Fair Elves. Known as the Eladrin in the D&D 4th Edition game, their civilization was conquered by the invading Pelagasiri Elves from the Dragon Mountains. They were enslaved by the Pelagasiri and forced to serve as a servitude race. As a result, many of the Eladrin has fallen from grace. The Pelagasiri have intermingled with the Eladrin, and bred the Eladrin, into the Fair Elves. Or those that are made fair. The Fair Elves have lost most of their Eladric traits, including the glowing eyes. But being bred into a slave race with the idea to serve has made them the most beautiful of all the elves. Fair elves tend to be slaves. They also tend to have blonde, auburne, and black hair with green, blue, violet, or red eyes.

2. The High Elves are the second. Those that are High and noble. They were once the Pelagasiri elves -- elves bred but for one purpose. War and conquest. Wielding the magic of demons, having solved the Riddle of Steel, and developing their own arcane arts from those taught by the Orcs in the Dragon Mountains -- the Pelagasiri invaded the lands of the Eladrin and slaughtered many and brought the Eladrin, once a thriving Early Bronze Age civilization, to a dramatic close.

The Pelagasiri then interbred, intermarried, and enslaved the Eladrin. To show that they are the Highborn, and the Eladrin were humble, the Pelagasiri took the name High Elf. The High Elves named themselves the Highborn, and split the Eladrin into Fair Elves and Low Elves. The High Elves tend to be wizards. They also tend to have black, brown, light brown, auburn, and blonde hair.

3. The Low Elves or Commoner Elves as the High Elves called them, are Eladrin who were forced from their station to do the common work. They are commoners, unlike the High Elf aristocracy. They look like high elves, except they are commoners. Low Elves tend to be sorcerers and warriors. Their hair color is the same as the High Elves.

4. The Drow: certain Eladrin escaped the invasion of the Pelagasiri and moved North into the steppes of the Known Lands. Upon reaching their new home, they made a pact with the dark Spider Goddess. Over the years, their skin darkened and their hair bleached unnaturally and they became a cruel race. Known as the Drow, these evil elves plot to conquer the world themselves for the glory of their dark Spider Goddess. The nation they rule over is known as Lotharis.

5. The Massalian Elves are from the Kingdom of Massalia (Marseilles in French). They are a colony of Eladrin that escaped the depredations of the evil Pelagasiri. Based off of the blood elves of World of Warcraft, the Massalian Elves are driven to rescue their brethren from the High Elves. Their culture is an awful mix of decadence and Spartan tastes. Their government is autocratic, timatic, oligarchic, draconian, and democratic all at the same time.

However, over the millennia, the Massalian Elves were unable to free their brethren. And they saw their Eladrin brethren change and lose the glow in their eyes. The Massalian elves also changed. Their ability to tap demons and devils for a supply of magic power has changed them as well. Their glow in their eyes have changed either to a bright fiery yellow, red, or green. Or, they can suppress their glow to reveal irises that are green, red, blue, violet, gray, or icy. The Massalian Elves' hair tend to be black, but fiery brown, red, golden, or carrot orange. The Massalian Elves tend to be Warlocks.

6. The Eladrin that escaped made some ocean going boats and sailed into the West, looking for lands uncontrolled by the Pelagasiri. These Eladrin were never heard from again.

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