Thursday, May 21, 2009

ATLANTIS solved!

While hoping for a way to render Atlantis, apparently a way has been open to me. DAZ 3D has released a new scene, called Andoria City. Apparently, taking a look at the promos I have instantly became excited. Although not my choice for Atlantean architecture I'd admit, but it's both eclectic and familiar enough to work as a fantasy city or a modern city depending on how you choose.

For those who are waiting for PART 4 on my series on creating great art, the jungle mist is rendering now (expect this to be a two day project, everyone). I promise, it will pay off. Want to see the results of the work so far?

Jungle Princess WIP by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART


greywulf said...

Have you seen this set of buildings over at renderosity? Build your own Atlantis!

Render is coming on very nicely :D

Elton said...

Yes, that set of buildings is on my wishlist. ;)

Lately, though, DAZ 3D has been making some high quality scenes. Wish there was a Vue version.

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