Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mastering DAZ Studio: Jungle Princess pt. 2

PART 2: Composing the Scene

Yesterday (last night) I showed you how you morph your jungle beauty. Now we get to the fun part, composing the scene!

Step 6. Open DAZ Studio again. This time, we are going to work with the DAZ Cyclorama. If you got the Heart of the Jungle set, go to Content > Figures > Environment (2nd) and pick the Heart of the Jungle 2 (LS_HoJ2Cyc). You should have something like this:

This background is the background we are working with. If you notice, there's a lot going on in this Heart of the Jungle background. Its packed to the brim with jungle wildlife. And that's just the plants! Unlike Frank Frazetta or Boris Vallejo, the background is well detailed and stands out. Such as the nature of working with 3D (I've got Vue 7 Espirit, so I could create a new background myself. But I need time to learn it).

Step 7: In this next step, we are creating a dummy light. The light shows us all of the background and helps us compose the picture. The dummy light is meant to make the ground show up so we know how to compose the grass. It's just a Distant Light, default settings, make sure you angle it to show the ground and the backdrop.

This is so we can place our plants.

Step 8: Adding some Life. In this step, we add plant life from Lisa's Botanicals. We add the back plant life first before adding our first animal. This makes composing the scene much easier. Like using the Rembrandt method in painting, only we are applying it to 3D. I suggest three grasses from Lisa's Botanicals Jungle Mist collection on either side.

After adding the grasses, we add our first animal. A Millenium Cat. I choose a leopard skin, you may have any millenium cat skin you desire. After adding the cat, add some more plant life before the cat so it looks like he's stepping on some grass. You should have something like this:

The leopard in my version is more to the right. After this is composed, if you have some jungle vines, it's a good time to add them in (notice they weren't on our purchase list, making them entirely optional). When you are satisfied with how you arranged the plant and animal life, its time to add our lady. Save the scene as a DAZ Studio scene. Our lady must be posed. ;)

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