Sunday, May 17, 2009

ROLEMASTERing The Forgotten Realms


The Gods of Politics

One of the best things about making FR your own is that you get to delve into ideas on how the world works around worshipping it's gods. Take the Gods Tyr, Lathander, Helm, Cyric, Bane, and Tiamat for instance. The worship of these 6 gods has a direct impact on politics in FR nations. Breaking it down:

CYRIC: Reading about the activities of Senator Palpatine in the Star Wars prequels had, for once, brought the activities of what Cyric represents to light. Cyric is a god of Government corruption and socialist reform. What is happening to our government right now, the activities are a spirit of corruption and transformation of a once good government into a dictatorial one. Cyric is a God of encroaching evil. His followers seek to subvert governments and transform them into dictatorships. Cyric is worshiped by the Secret Combinations in the world -- including the Zhentarim (i.e. the Black Network).

BANE: Bane represents overt, conquering evil. Bane is known as the ultimate tyrant (a role that is overlapped with Tiamat). Bane controls tyranny, and uses War and Fear to overtly conquer. Bane is imperialist expansionism. Bane is empire building -- the Spirit of Bane is felt through creating and expanding an empire. Bane's activities in the Real World is documented through Alexander the Great's conquests, Sargon II's conquests, and especially Rome's conquests. Bane is worshipped by those who want to conquer and rule through Force. At the present time, Sembia and Thay are the only nations concerned with expanding their influence (with the possible exception of Mulhorand).

TYR: Tyr is the Spirit of Justice in the realms. He represents good, just laws that support the people and keep a nation running smoothly. Nations that worship Tyr typically include Cormyr and the Moonshae Isles.

LATHANDER: Lathander is the spirit of the Morning and of Youth. He also affects politics by representing good laws that support Freedom for a people. Lathander's most well known church is in Shadowdale.

TIAMAT: Tiamat is largely worshiped by evil rulers who put their populace under their heel. Unjust laws, laws which benefit the power of the monarch or the state; are all done in the spirit of Tiamat.

HELM: Finally, Helm represents how government actually works. A smoothly working government in the Realms is guided by Helm.

HELM: Represents the neutrality of

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