Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I did not find love, love found me

"Human females are such rich and wonderful creatures. Their sexual life, and feelings, are subtle, complex and deep. How naive is the man who believes that having sex with a woman is so little or brief a thing as to fall within the parameters of a horizontal plane, the simple stimulations of a skin, the results attendant upon a simplistic manual dexterity. How woefully ignorant are the engineers of sexuality. How much to learn have even her artists and poets! Women are so inordinately precious. They are so sensitive, so beautiful, so intelligent and needful. No man has yet counted the dimensions of a woman's love. Who can measure the horizons of her heart? Few things, I suspect, are more real than those which seem most intangible."2

"How subtle and deep was the intelligence of women, I thought. How much they know. How much they can sense. How simple and crude, how naive, sometimes seems the intelligence of men compared to the intelligence of women. What deep and wonderful creatures they are. Who can truly understand the emotional depths and needs, eons old, of these flowers of nature and evolution? How natural, then, it is, that the truly loving man will concern himself not with her distortions and perversions, ultimately barren, but with her emotional and sensuous truths, ancient and deep within her, with what might be called her biological and natural fulfillment."3

-- John Norman

I did not find love, love in fact, found me. I have been looking for love since I got my patriarchal blessing. I.e. actively pursuing it. While actively in pursuit, all my hopes and dreams of finding a suitable mate were frustrated. Even my own cousin Melinda, which I represent her ideal LDS man to her, had married someone else because she believes that he is all that she was worthy of.

However, chance? No. Fate? No. God took a hand and brought me together with whom promises to be wonderful and a good match. And we met on World of Warcraft. Was it my fault, I suppose. Yes. It is. Am I responsible? Yes. Is Life good to me? You'd better believe it! Life is so wonderful, vast, and mightily beautiful that there is someone for everyone.

Enjoy the render. I wanted to render something in the style of Augusti Rodin, which is how I feel at the moment. Compare The Embrace with The Kiss.

Anyway, I present The Embrace a new render from DAZ Studio, inspired by my feelings the past night, and the work of Augusti Rodin.

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