Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poses for V4, What?!

Trawling the internet for free poses for V4, especially sitting poses, I found a set on ShareCG. The worst collection I've ever seen. I mean, pinup poses of V4 (soft porn), a domestic violence pose for V4 and M4 (hard porn), two sitting poses, and other poses. The collection seemed just jumbled together.

I usually look at shareCG for some very good stuff, like Bryce stuff and possibly Vue stuff. And of course, Poser and DAZ Studio stuff. But if it's free, remember the old adage -- you often get what you pay for.

ShareCG has a lot of good stuff for poser and other programs. Including 3D Studio Max, Carrara, Vue, Poser, DAZ Studio, and Renderman. Stuff that can beat out items you find at DAZ, Renderosity, and TurboSquid. However, as I have seen, it can include some very bad and chaotic stuff. Like those poses for V4. I passed it up for its lack of theme. There are some good poses in that collection, yes. But it includes poses I don't want to render at the moment for V4 or M4. I don't want anyone to stop looking at ShareCG, because there is some top quality models you can download for Poser or any other 3D program. But, my advice is -- browser be aware that ShareCG does not always carry top quality models.

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