Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bulges and Toast Packages

I did this render up of a necromancer (I say necromancer). And it was pointed out that he was missing something in the between-the-legs department. Obviously, I was more than a little . . . mad. Hardly any clothes for M4 that DAZ sells has come with a genital bulge or package morph. So, M4 is reduced to being a woman who has gone through half the requisite sex reassignment surgery.

I.e. Beefcake without the Beef. Half the people on Earth (or nearly half) are men. Almost all of them carry a scrotum and a penis. Being forced to wear clothes in all the nations on Earth except for a notable few, clothes conform to this genital set creating a noticeable bulge. Something that is more noticeable when one wears tight pants or skintight nylon/lycra clothing. Personally, though, I wonder how my colleague could point that out when M4 in the picture is wearing black pants.


greywulf said...

Well, they do say it's the little things that matter the most :D

I never bother fixing that area in a figure, but there's a number of solutions including the M4 Enhanced Magnet Fits. I think there's a Package Morph in MDC's freestuff too.

Hope that helps!

Elton said...

They do.

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