Thursday, May 14, 2009

Village for Rolemaster

Again, I little interjection in building your own Rolemaster series. Here are some more brainstorming ideas for the village:

- Buildings in the village -

a. Christian Church
b. Church of Light cathedral
c. Orc Church (FOUND a great building that can be used for orcs by the way!!)
d. Elven chapel (oh, the stuff I find about elves!!)
e. castle keep with a central tower.
f. Medieval inn
6. Martial Arts academies: three for each culture. I.e. the one for Caithness could be teaching Caithness style swordsmanship, archery, and unarmed martial arts (been studying Jedi martial arts again, so there might be an effective inspiration from there). I'm thinking Caithness swordsmanship would be based on both Makashi and Shien/Djem-so.

Elven martial arts would be based on style and grace. I'm thinking Ataru and Soresu can mark Elven forms of swordsmanship. Orc forms would be very aggressive. Since they use the Axe over the sword. Niman and Junyo/Vapaad would be the mark of an orc martial art.

If I use real martial arts for inspiration: Caithness arts would be based on Kendo and actual European Swordsmanship. Elven arts based on European fencing, Chinese swordsmanship, and Roman legionaire swordsmanship. And orc arts would come from Native American and Ancient German styles (with the use of the seax or francia).

I love the Martial Arts Companion. (grins)

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