Friday, May 15, 2009

ROLEMASTERing The Forgotten Realms

My cousin and I are conspiring to do a rolemaster campaign in the Forgotten Realms. Well, the past two days, I've been reading heavily into Star Wars lore. And I realized something about the Weave . . .

It's the Force from Star Wars. The Weave is the Force, the Unified Energy Field, the Essence, Zero-point Energy, everything that the Force is that is the Weave for those who exist on Toril. So, I looked strongly at Star Wars about how to approach Mystra and Shar.

Mystra is the Goddess of Magic (i.e. until 4th Edition); she is the caretaker of the Weave. Shar is the caretaker of the Shadow Weave. Mystra's Weave represents the Light Side of the Force. The Good Side of the Force. The Shadow Weave represents the Dark Side of the Force.

Looking at Star Wars for inspiration; I've figured out some interesting ways to approach Mystra's "church" in the Forgotten Realms. As the Goddess of the Magic, and for those who worship her; I decided that the priests would combine the realms of essence and channeling. Since my cousin and I are using RMFRP -- I figured using the Channeling Companion would make for some interesting changes.

A Priest of Mystra uses the Channeling/Priest Hybrid Template. However, such an religious order needs a group to defend it. Usually this would fall to Azuth's order. But since Azuth in my game helps Mystra with her duties -- I turned to the Jedi Order from Star Wars for some ideas. And I believe I know how to fit Essence Monks into the world of the Forgotten Realms. Star Wars influence again, so why not exploit it? The Temple of Mystra is protected by monks that wield the Essence. So, why am I calling a duck (a Jedi) a mallard (something else?) Jedi are protected under the copyright of Lucasfilm, despite ideas being free.

So the ideas of Jedi and Sith exist in the realms that I'm running.

NEXT: My take on the Gods of Politics --> Tyr, Lathander, Helm, Cyric, Bane, and Tiamat.

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