Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mastering DAZ Studio: Jungle Princess pt. 3

PART 3: Posing and Final Competition!

Step 9. Posing V4. At last, we can pose our morphed V4! After saving your jungle scene, clear the scene and reload V4. Although this time, we are going to apply our saved character preset. This is done by going to file > Merge. Then choose your saved character preset. Once again, we need a Reference for posing our character.

Look up your favorite jungle beauty pics on the web and choose a picture with a particular pose you like. Oh, and don't forget to add your favorite hair. After finding your favorite jungle beauty (maybe a scene from Sheena). After posing V4, merge your jungle scene and then make some adjustments around V4 as necessary. Then add another prop if necessary (I added a Wakishashi).

After this adjustment is done, we add the rest of the life. For myself, I added some flowers, extra grass, and a few vines to balance out the composition.

Step 10. LIGHTING!!

Throw away your dummy light. You've used it, now it's time to throw it away (or use it again under a different name). We are going to set up 3 to 6 lights. A studio scatter light, a ground light, a few spotlights, and a golden reflecting light.

Ground Ambient. The ground lighting represents the light reflecting from the ground. The ground light should be set perpendicular from your model at 180 degrees. Set the intensity to about 50% to 25%. Make sure it's white.

To set your light, your light acts like a camera, so click on the button "Default Camera" and select Ground Lighting or something similar (ground scatter?).

Studio Ambient. This distant lighting represents the light scatter in your studio. The light from the ceiling and the windows fill the space. We use white light for this too. The scatter light is another distant light. Intensity should be set at 30%. The Studio Ambient should provide enough light to represent light scattered in all directions.

Jungle Ambience. Now we are going to set up two more distant lights. One green and one white, to represent light filtering down the Canopy. The Green should be close to white as much as possible, and intensity should be set at about 27%. Our source of our ambience should come close to overhead, but not directly overhead. The white ambience should be set to 30%. Already, the lighting is dramatic. And that is with four lights.

Spot Lighting. The purpose of spotlighting is to usually destroy shadows. But we are going to use Spotlighting to enhance shadows where we need them, and to destroy them where we don't need them. Spotlights are usually white, but you can use colors such as red, blue, and green to produce some interesting effects. We are setting up three spotlights.

A yellow spotlight from the back, and two spotlights from the front. The back spotlight represents the gold foil used by pro-photographers. Next two spotlights should be white and pointing at Noriel. Set your intensity on these spotlights as you desire.

Shadows: The most intense light should cast your shadows. For me, this would be my first White Light spotlight. Set shadows to ray tracing on your most intense light. Finally, for using many lights, shadow softness should be about 20% to 22%.

However, you're not quite ready to render. You still need to set up your cameras.

Step 11. Setting up your cameras. This isn't so hard. Heart of the Jungle came with its own camera sets. Since we did most of our posing with the default camera, we don't need to set up our cameras manually. Go to content > Cameras > Environment and click on HoJ_Cyc. This will preload our camera set. Make sure the main camera is selected and move it to where you think you will get the best render.

Then you set up what you want to render to. Click on Render > Render Settings and choose an approprate rendering picture size for what you want to do. Be sure to adjust the camera where needed. When you are done, you're free to make any necessary adjustments or additions you want. Like clothing Victoria in what ever clothing you wish her to wear as you desire. For me, since this is a hot jungle, I will render her naked.

As it renders, it may take a long time. But we aren't done yet. We still need to add jungle mist. ;)

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