Monday, March 29, 2010

The Creation

No, this isn't a depiction of the second chapter in Genesis.  I'm going to work on a Creation Myth for the Elves of Galatea.  Normally, I'd do a man and a woman together, since I'm going to use a sexual myth motif combined with an orphic egg motif in the Creation Myth of the Eladrin and the Elves.  (The Judeo-Christian account is a Deus Faber typological account -- but that isn't what really happened!).

Here is one of the Creator Gods of the Elves, a Goddess.  This picture will appear here on the blog again.  The nudity depicted is non-sexual, but creational.  Here, Earth doubles as Arborea.  The body morph is Aquarius from Heavenly Bodies.

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