Friday, March 5, 2010

Open Dare to Compare

I DARE anyone to compare an Apple (D&D 4e) with an Orange (Rolemaster) and put their comparison up on YouTube.  Show the Strengths and Weaknesses of both and give your honest opinion on how both games handle.  Honestly, its to give Rolemaster and the new ICE more publicity.

Pick up Rolemaster Classic and compare with with D&D 4e.  Get a group and play both games in the interest of reviewing them.  Make your games fun and inventive and exciting.  Talk about character generation and how both games work in character generation (i.e. Character Law vs. Character Generation in D&D 4e).  Compare magic systems (Spell Law to Powers in D&D 4e), and compare combat systems (Arms Law [2003] to Powers and Combat Resolution to D&D 4e); and compare monster stats (Creatures and Treasures to monsters in D&D 4e).  Some important points to remember:

* Rolemaster is a Skill Based system rather than a level based one.  The levels are antiquated and can be housed ruled away easily in Rolemaster.

* Both use different maths.  Stress this. (in actuality, Rolemaster Math ~ especially the Math you see in Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying ~ is simple Arithmetic.  You add and subtract bigger numbers).

* Dice are different.  In D&D traditionally you use many different polyhedrons.  In Rolemaster, you just use two decahedrons for task resolution.

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