Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

I have just seen Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and let meu . . .

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS potential!!!  This movie just SCREAMS Olympian Campaign (high powered = 4th Edition, if you want a low powered Olympian Campaign, you do OD&D or Swords and Wizardry; Mid-powered = D&D 3rd Edition).  Who would NOT want to play a Divine byblow?  So, how would you do it?  Well, in Fourth tell your players that you are all Demi-gods and start them at level 1.  Why level 1?  Because at level 1, which is the Divine Byblow level in 4th Edition, you would get cewl POWERZ based on your Olympian parent.

Just remember, each god represents an Olympian ideal.

ZEUS -- God of Thunder and King of the Gods (played by Sean Bean in the movie, good part for him).  Throws lightning bolts.  Zeus sires the greatest of heroes -- Perseus and Hercules comes to mind.  Zeus sired the greatest fighters in Greek Mythology -- all except for Achilles.  Zeus's divine byblows would have a physical advantage (+2 strength, +2 constitution).  They'd also be head strong.

POSEIDON -- God of the Sea.  Takes care of the ocean while Oceanus is away.  Notable connections include Theseus.  Poseidon can impart control of the water, and his sons and daughters would breathe water.  He may even impart the ability to speak to aquatic animals. Also a physical advantage (+2 Strength, +2 constitution).

HADES -- God of the Underworld.  Earth god, Hades has a reputation of being Satanic in the movies (everyone's afraid of Death . . . ) But actually Hades helped Perseus on more than one occasion.  His byblows would never be in need of money.  Charisma bonus (+2).

HERA -- Well, if the Queen were unfaithful, her byblows would be intrigue specialists.  Rogues, but of the diplomatic kind.  They always know the perfect gift, the perfect lie, and how to use their information. A gather information bonus (+2).

DEMETER -- Goddess of fertility.  She would grant her byblows power over plants and plant growth.  Think Phoebe in SkyHigh.  Constitution Bonus (+2)

HESTIA -- Goddess of the Hearth.  A Divine scion of Hestia means that she or he will always have a happy home, provide hospitality, and always knows how to serve his or her guests.  Prescience would be her gift. Wisdom Bonus (+2)

APHRODITE -- Goddess of Love. All of her byblows are extremely beautiful.  Aphrodite's sons would be Bishounen, and Aphrodite's daughters would be Bishoujo.  +3 Charisma bonus and +5 bonus to Bluff for seduction purposes.

APOLLO -- God of Light, Knowledge, and Athletics.  Apollo's byblows would be good archers, good fighters, and good wizards.  The power he would bestow to his children would be good archery skills, a great physique, or magic.  Apollo's archers would be able to fire the arrows of light, while his fighters are physically attractive to dumb women (guys, we are talking GIRL or GUY magnet!), and his Wizards and Sorcerers would be able to pick 2 extra powers from the Wizard or Sorcerer list (If PC is a Wizardly son of Apollo, two Sorcerer powers; if PC is a Sorcerer son of Apollo, 2 Wizard powers). Intelligence and Strength bonuses all around (+2 Strength and +2 Intelligence).

ARES -- THE GOD OF WAR!  All of his children have the potential to be great WARLORDS of the brutish persuasion.  +3 to Charisma and a free Leadership feat (or something like Leadership) at level 1.

ATHENA -- Goddess of Wisdom.  All of her Children are either Warlords or clerics.  The Warlord children are especially strategic.  They always win. +3 to Wisdom.

DIONYSUS -- God of Revelry and Wine.  Powers -- Children tend to be rogues of the especially persuasive type.  Dionysus is a party animal and his children are party animals too.  All of Dionysus' children gain the power to influence someone to drink booze once a week at level 1 (hey, it worked on Thor). +2 to Charisma and Constitution.

HEPHAESTUS -- God of Fire and Crafting.  His children have an inventor's knack.  They can craft anything under pressure. +2 Intelligence bonus.

HERMES -- Messenger god, also the god of ROGUES of the sneaky type.  His children tend to be sneaky rogues or thieves.  They might start the game with flying shoes . . . who wouldn't?  The shoes act as flying at will.  But they will have to give up one of their powers.  +2 to Dexterity.

HECATE -- Persephone in an angry state of mind.  Her children tend to be Warlocks.  Enough said.

Anyone or anything I missed? 

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