Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Roleplaying Games and Complexity

It seems that the third and fourth generation of D&D are needlessly complex.  Other games are also needlessly complex.  Rolemaster is a 2nd tier game (a game you buy after D&D), therefore it's pretty simple.  But what came after the 2nd tier RPGs are a bunch of needlessly complicated games with rules that have to cover every situation.

I face palm myself at the complexity. *face palm*

So, on the other side, the simple games I'd include are Rolemaster and Feng Shui. Rolemaster is simple, despite what they say.  And Feng Shui never ever billed itself as "better than Dungeons and Dragons."  Other simple games do include the Retro-Clones, I might add.  My Life With Master is also simple.  3rd Tier games (games you buy because you love the hobby) have contained some pretty simple games, and some pretty complex games.

This is just an observation, mind you.  And yes, all the games that John Wick develops are "2nd Tier" games -- because he hates D&D so much.

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