Sunday, March 7, 2010

D20 Classes in the Lands of Galatea

For the D20 Edition (OGL) of Galatea, the following classes are available.

Barbarian (Conan RPG): The Standard, book styled Barbarian.  The Barbarians of Galatea mostly come from the Nomad Lands, Amazonias, Long Island, and Northumberland.
Fighter: Standard weapon arts stylist.  The fighter will have access to many Arts of Mars to give the class more variety.
Hunter (WoW RPG): Hunters help their nation at large.
Noble (Courtier from Rokugan): The noble is found throughout the Caithness Isles, including the Republic of Devonshire.
Paladin:  The Knights of the Light, the Knights of the Red Hand, the Knights of the Blood, and the Knights of Christ, and the Knights of the One.
Ranger: Keeps wilds safe.

Cleric: Clerics act as intermediaries between the people and their deities.
Druid: Druids act as intermediaries between the people and nature.
Shaman (WoW RPG): Shamans are spiritual leaders for their tribe, acting as intermediaries between the people and the spirits.

Mage (WoW): Manipulates the Orgone Energy into spells of evocation and invocation, mostly.
Inscriber (WoW): Manipulates the Orgone Energy into runes from the Ancient language.
Necromancer (WoW): Manipulates the Orgone Energy in terms of life and death, mostly death. (NPC prefered)
Warlock (WoW): Studies magic in conjuring and manipulating demons and destruction.
Runemaster (WoW): A non-spell thrower type of wizard that uses runes increase their abilities.

Rogue (WoW): Criminals or Agents, its expected that player Rogues will be agents: part of the Shattered Hand, or Department 7, or MI:7.
Scout (WoW): They scout out various positions of the enemy or the wilderness.

Engineer (WoW): Makes machines with the Lost Tech of the Earthlings or the Ancients. :)

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