Saturday, March 27, 2010

Evolution and Creation

From what I understand, Evolution truly doesn't violate the Judeo-Christian Account of the Creation. 
So, why are Christians fighting over this?  And why can't an Evolutionist reconcile with those that believe in Intelligent Design?  I figure all three accounts can be reconciled quite easily if everyone were to pursue truth.  Intelligent Designers that the position that engineering was used in the creation of the cell and  -- the body.  Evolutionists say that these things happened by accident.  Creationists hold that Creation was done by God and that is that.

The problems with Evolution are these:
1. Evolution happened by Chance.
2. There was an exegenesis of some kind.
3. So far, a living cell is beyond what Science can replicate.  So far!  If Science can actually replicate the cell, there goes the present Exegenesis theory of how Life began.  Remember, the official line is that by a mysterious process the chemicals needed to jump start life were combined in the right way.
4. There are things that evolution can not properly explain: like the evolution of the eye.

The problem with Intelligent Design are these:
1. ID scientists ignore Evolution in the fossil record (there's enough for a clear progression).
2. It's just science mixed with religion, and evolutionists will call you on it even if you apply principles of engineering in describing how a cell works.

The problem with Creationism is this:
 1. The story of Adam and Eve is an Allegory painted about our lives.  The garden of eden and the Lone Dreary Wilderness are symbols God is trying to convey to us about life.

2. What actually happened isn't recounted in the Scriptures at all.  So both Intelligent Design and Evolution are not discounted.  (Although God promised that each order of Life came forth after their own Kind in the Books of Moshe (Moses) and Abraham.  Meaning that the Elohim even followed the rules of Mendeleev's laws of Genetics.)

So, how are we going to reconcile all of these three beliefs, theories, and accounts?  Simple.  We need honest scientists who are willing to seek the Absolute Truth.  There must be open dialogue from all three groups, to learn and to seek the Absolute Truth that will reconcile all three truths together.

All three groups have something positive to bring to the table that satisfies the account of Abraham.  I can see four possibilities:

1. Evolution can be a mechanism that can be guided and directed.
2. Engineering principles can be recognized from the study of DNA and how the cell operates, and how every organ in the body operate.  From the brain to the liver to the eye, to the muscular skeleton system there is STRONG evidence that the body is a well designed machine.
3. The recognition that Adam and Eve may have not been among those that have evolved from apes.  But also the Mitochondrial Eve is a possibility.
4. Science jump starting Life in the Laboratory will give more evidence that the Elohim had a hand in Creating life on this planet.

Remember, truth will prevail and in time Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Creation will be reconciled into one theory of Genesis for the Earth by scientists willing to investigate the truth.  Darwin, Creationism, and Intelligent Design are only puzzle pieces in a much larger picture.

By the way, Ben Stein isn't a fucking liar.  He was just reporting on how a competing scientific theory against Evolution, Intelligent Design, is not being given any attention in schools or in Universities.  And even now, Intelligent Design is being refined as Engineers are adding their point of view in the Genesis of the Earth.  It's time to stop the infighting among the scientific community and to seek the truth on such matters.


Anonymous said...

There is a way to reconcile a literal understanding of Genesis with the fossil and genetic evidence suggesting that all species branched off from a common anscestor. "Guided Modification and Branching" is a form of intelligent design that suggests that the design of species did arise over millions of years by species branching off to form new species from a common anscestor, but that this process was guided by God, and that the resulting new species were not left to chance.

The Genesis account is literal, not allegory, but the earth existed before the six days of creation. The account of the six days describes how God renewed the surface of the earth, repairing the damage caused by a previous catastrophe that left the surface of the earth desolate. But the earth existed, and prior to the disaster that struck the earth it could have been filled with life for millions of years, and the life forms that existed at that time would include species whose fossils scientists have found.

Elton said...

The Genesis account isn't literal. Moses did not give what actually happened to the Israelites. Instead, the story is truly an Allegory of our lives.

The idea is to have all scientists reconcile with each other and seek the Truth on the matter. Certainly, a lot of evil has been committed in the Name of Evolution (and is still being committed). Nazi death camps, a One World Communist Utopia, and people thinking that the Constitution is outdated since Wilson's time are the result of Evolution being explained the way that it is.

But then a lot of Evil was committed in the name of God too (basically all War till the Late Renaissance is Religious War). The thing that sucks is that the Truth isn't being embraced on the matter. Truth is truth, though. An honest heart will always embrace it when its presented.

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