Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creation Myths of the Elves: The Wood Elves

The Creation Myth of the Elves of Quel'Lathor

The Elves of Quel'lathor are very primitive.  more primitive than other elves, especially the eladrin.  The world view of the Elves of Quel'lathor is simple -- every being has a spirit, every living thing is alive.

The Quel'lathori teach thus:
In the beginning, there was Spirit Father and Earth Mother.  Spirit Father exists above, while Mother Earth lives below.

One day, Mother Earth complained to Spirit Father that she was barren of Life and needed some company.  So Spirit Father made some plants and planted them into Mother Earth and commanded them to multiply.  And Mother Earth was happy.  Another day, Mother Earth complained to Spirit Father that she was lonely.  So, Spirit Father created all the animals from the majestic lion to the creeping bug.  And Mother Earth was happy.

Another day, Mother Earth said that the animals and the plants were unable to talk.  She complained to Spirit Father that she had no one to talk to.  Spirit father explained that he did give speech to the animals and plants, but Mother Earth complained that they were incapable of reason.  Spirit Father said he was capable of creating things that talk and reason, but forewarned Mother Earth that they will be a burden.  Mother Earth didn't care . . . she wanted beings that were capable of what Spirit Father was able to do.

So, Spirit Father relented and took clay from Mother Earth and Light and made the Elves out of the clay and dirt of Mother Earth.  He first made the Eladrin, and to these He gave the power of Creation.  But the Eladrin didn't care one wit about Mother Earth.  And Mother Earth complained that the Eladrin were too much like Spirit Father.  So Spirit Father tried again and made the Quel'Thalori -- the High Elves.  The High Elves at first listened to Mother Earth but soon began to be puffed up in pride and their own vain imaginations.  And Mother Earth complained that the Quel'Thalori was too vain and too narcissistic to listen to her.  And so Spirit Father made the Quel'lathori -- mixing more Mother Earth than the other two.

And that is why the Quel'lathori are closer to Mother Earth than the vain Quel'thalori and the Eladrin.  We are the chosen people of Mother Earth.  We listen to her and are her most favored children.

Conclusion: even the Wood Elves are narcissistic and vain.  This is the creation myth that separates the Wood Elves from the Eladrin and the High Elves.  It's the current creation myth taught by the druid hierarchy.  However, the shamans teach an earlier creation myth about how Mother Earth and Father Sky made the Elves from clay but animals are their favored children and are to be treated with respect.  Some of the druids break from tradition and teach that all races are sons and daughters of Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Just that the Wood Elves choose to live a life close to Mother Earth and Nature because its simpler to live in such a way.  To them, Mother Earth and Father Sky provide them with simple abundance, and their animistic beliefs allow them to give respect: thanking a game animal that they killed, or taking water from a stream they often express their gratitude.

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